if u want 2 ask 4 my new url, just message me right there at
the bottom and if i know u i'd tell u my new url. i have been in a hiatus that's why
i have been inactive. i have lost bunch of followers, just so u know.

P.S: if u want my url, i can't give it to u because my friend
gave this to me and she said dont give it to anyone, thanks again sabi !!!!!
aaaannndddd, i cant give this to u because this serves as my treasure of my dying social life and
its a one letter word i mean a lot of people want it????? i just cant sorry ok :-'(

reason: the reason is, my friends and classmates know already
my url that's why i changed it. i need uhhh uhh-- a little privacy c:

its still paolo... its still me. [my friends arent really rest-assured, sorry]